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Football teams that play at all levels have their own team football kits. Most amateur teams run on a budget so if they can buy discounted football kits, all the better.  Adidas, Nike, Stanno, Errea & Prostar football kits all represent good value and great quality.  They have a huge range of discount football kits on offer in a wide range of colours.  Whether you want junior football strips or senior football strips the choice is endless.  Some teams just want football kits of any brand and there is a wide choice around, usually about half the price of the branded football kits.  Many clubs would buy Adidas teamwear and Nike teamwear if it was discounted, but generally most clubs settle for teamwear to suit their football team kit colours, whether from Stanno, Errea, Prostar or others.

Some people like to buy other kits such as Rugby kits, Volleyball kits and Basketball kits as discount teamwear rates too.

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