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How to take care of your kit

How to take care of your kit

Scrolling through instagram a few weeks ago when our local club Leicester City FC won the FA cup we were shocked to see player Çaglar Söyüncü sporting a training jacket with the LCFC logo peeling off. Disclaimer: WE DID NOT PRINT THIS KIT!

Shocked, we asked the experts in our Print Studio how this could happen and how to avoid this problem. 

First of all Söyüncü is wearing the  Adidas Condivo 20 All Weather Jacket, available for £33.71 [RRP £44.95] from, which is a great piece of kit that “blocks wind and heavy showers while managing moisture”. Due to the material which acts to repel water you need to be more careful when washing it, when it has been personalised with print. 

Our print experts advise that for a waterproof kit you should use a damp cloth to clean any dirt where possible. When you need to wash the kit you should turn the garment inside out and wash at a cold temperature: 30℃ or less. They advise that you do not use detergent as this will encourage any print to peel.

All kit comes with sewn in wash instructions and these should be followed to ensure the best wash results and to keep your kit in good condition. However, where kit has been printed, waterproof or otherwise,  Kitking advises that you follow our ``How to care for your kit” leaflet that is sent out with all orders. You can also view our kit care guidelines at the bottom of our FAQ’s page. Printed kits should always be washed in a cold cycle: 30℃ or lower. DO NOT follow any higher temperature guidelines on the garment label as this was before printing. 

You should also follow these further Kitking care instructions for printed kit:

  • Avoid leaving kit folded or bundled together whilst damp or soiled after use as this could damage the print. 
  • DO NOT tumble dry printed garments.
  • DO NOT iron directly onto the prints. Turn the garment inside out and iron on the reverse side to avoid prints being damaged.
  • DO NOT bleach.
  • DO NOT use a fabric conditioner.

Embroidered kit care

Where your kit has printing and embroidery follow our kit care guidelines above. Where your kit has embroidery only you can wash according to the instructions on the garment.

Here are some additional tips to keep your kit looking good:

  • Kits may discolour due to staining by mud, grass, petroleum jelly which may not entirely be removed by washing. Soaking kits in warm water and detergent as soon as possible after use can reduce this discolouration.
  • The use of pre-wash stain remover will help remove stains, particularly on white kit.
  • Utilise the pre-wash programme on automatic washing machines.
  • DO NOT overload the washing machine•Wash dark colours separately.
  • Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

If you would like any further information on how to care for your kit properly get in touch with our team


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