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How to care for your footballs?

How to care for your footballs?

Having the right equipment is vital and finding the right size of a football for your team is as important as knowing how to take care of them. Footballs can last for years if they are looked after and used in the right way. 

Here are the Do’s and Don’t for taking care of your footballs:


  • DO use the right ball
  • There are different footballs for match day, training, indoor and outdoor use and high abrasive surfaces such as artificial turf. It is important to research and choose the right ball to get the most out of it, in terms of play, training and lifetime use. For example, a  training ball is used more frequently as it is designed to be more durable whereas a match ball is more about performance.

  • DO Keep your balls under the right pressure. 
  • Inflate your footballs to the recommended air pressure that is printed on the ball as this can vary from size to size although most football balls have a pressure rating of 6-8 psi or 0.6-0.8 BAR. The easiest way to pump up your football to the correct pressure is to use a pump that has a built-in pressure gauge. 

  • DO Deflate when storing 
  • Although this may not be done weekly during the season it is a good idea between seasons to deflate your footballs to relieve the pressure when storing long term. Use the right pump and needle to deflate slowly and carefully to protect the ball. This will help your ball last longer and keep it in a good condition for when you are back training and playing. 

  • Do store your balls properly.
  • Keep your footballs stored in a ventilated ball bag away from rooms, garages or sheds where they could be exposed to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. If the balls are wet, make sure they are dried before storing. 

  • DO Clean carefully 
  • Indoor footballs: should never be used in wet conditions. If it gets dirty brush it down with a clothes brush. If it goes soiled, use a medium strength carpet cleaning foam and then brush it off. 
  • Training and Match footballs: all of these can be washed carefully with a damp cloth and dried after use with a warm clean towel. 

  • DONT’s

    1. DON’T sit or stand on the ball. 

    Whilst football balls are designed to withstand a decent amount of pressure having direct pressure in one spot with the entire weight of your body can cause strain on the ball and cause it to become misshaped or it could even burst.

    1. DON’T play & practice against the wall. 

    Whilst using the wall can help to develop the skills, repeatedly kicking a ball against the wall can warp its shape and damage the outer layer of the football which can affect its performance. Instead of the wall, consider using a football rebounder or find a teammate to practice with!



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