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Kit Bags Vs Player Bags

Kit Bags Vs Player Bags

If you have your first match of the season coming up, you may be thinking about how you’ll be getting your kit and equipment to the venue. There are two types of bags you can use, kit bags and player bags, but which one is the right option?

Determining which bag you need can be challenging, but here we will explain the difference between the two so that you and your team can get packed up and ready for that all-important game.

Kit Bags

If you haven’t guessed already, kit bags are for transporting football kit to away games or training.

To suit this function, they are spacious and have various pockets to help organise their contents, while providing plenty of room for all the gear. This removes the painful process of awkwardly carrying your kit and makes everything easily accessible.

You can choose from a variety of designs such as carry bags or trolley cases, with the style itself being down to personal preference. The look and style of these bags mimic that of professional football clubs, so rocking up to a match with a kit bag can make your players look like pros.

As kit bags are designed to be lugged around to different venues, they are made from durable material intended to give your bag a long life. To help combat unpredictable English weather, our kit bags are also waterproof so you can relax knowing all your kit will stay dry.

Player Bags

On the other hand, player bags are for individuals to take any personal matchday needs along to the game. To suit this function, you’ll notice that player bags are much smaller in size as you only need space for one person’s belongings, not a whole team’s.

Which player bag you opt for depends entirely on what essentials you need to bring to the match. Backpacks and duffel bags are a great option if you have several items to take, and are large enough to store personal warmup gear too.

Alternatively, to easily transport your football boots, purchasing a boot bag is a good option. This can also be used to take your boots to training practice or to store them when not in use. Similarly, toiletry bags are ideal for away trips and have smaller compartments to keep your toiletries organised.

Put simply, a kit bag is designed to easily carry collective kit for the whole team to matches, whereas player bags are made for transporting personal items to matches or training. Both are extremely useful, just make sure you choose a bag designed to carry the essentials you need to transport.

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