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Browse Our Collection Of Nike 2024 Products.
Kit order - what do I have to have ready?

Kit order - what do I have to have ready?

When placing a kit order for your sports team on KitKing, having the necessary information prepared helps to ensure a quick, smooth and accurate kit ordering process. Here's what you should have ready:

1. Team Details:
- Team Name: Clearly state the name of your team or organisation.
- Contact Information: Provide contact details for the person responsible for the order, including name, phone number, and email address.

2. Kit Specifications:
- Jersey Type: Specify the type of jerseys (home, away, or third kit).
- Design Preferences: Describe any specific design preferences, including colours, logos.
- Kit Components: List all the items you need for each player, including jerseys, shorts, socks, and any additional accessories like tracksuits or training gear.

3. Player Details:
- Player Names and Numbers: If you want personalised jerseys with player names and numbers, provide a list of all team members' names and their preferred numbers.
- Sizes: Collect individual player sizes for jerseys, shorts, and socks. Ensure accuracy, as incorrect sizes can lead to issues.

4. Quantity:
- Determine the quantity of each kit item needed for your entire team. Be sure to account for spare kits and consider any additional kits for new players or replacements.

5. Deadline:
- Specify the desired delivery date. Keep in mind that ordering well in advance of your season or event is advisable to avoid rush fees and ensure timely delivery. Also remember that timelines quoted on the KitKing website are for in house processing, personalisation and despatch - they do not include third party courier delivery times. Read our T&Cs regarding delivery times HERE.

6. Budget:
- Have a clear budget in mind for your kit order. This helps the sales team member provide options that align with your financial constraints.

7. Logos and Artwork:
- If your team has sponsor logos or custom artwork, provide high-quality digital files of these elements in the required format (read our Artwork checklist HERE) to the kit supplier.

8. Payment Details:
- Determine the payment method and ensure that you have the necessary funds or payment arrangements in place.

9. Kit Review and Approvals:
- Establish a process for reviewing and approving kit designs, especially if there are custom elements or artwork. This may involve input from team members or stakeholders. Please check all personalisation is correct on the technical document sent to you via email before signing it as this will be the final document before anything will go into production.

10. Delivery and Distribution:
- Plan how the kits will be delivered and distributed to team members. Consider organising a fitting session to confirm sizes and ensure that everyone receives the correct gear.

11. Unforeseen Issues:
- Be prepared for any unforeseen issues, such as incorrect sizes or delayed shipments. Have a plan in place for addressing and resolving these challenges promptly. Our sales team will do their best to let you know if there are any delays from our side relating to your order.

By having these details prepared, you'll streamline the kit ordering process and help ensure that your team receives the right products in time for the season or event. Additionally, effective communication with our KitKing sales team members is key to a successful order.

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