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Classic Cricket Whites

Really look the part in a full set of crisp cricket whites designed for both form and function. You’ll find cricket trousers designed with comfort and durability in mind, with elasticated waists and made using Vapodri technology. There’s also a choice of short or long sleeve cricket shirts so no matter the weather conditions you’ll have the ideal cricket white. Kit doesn’t come more classic than a sleeveless cricket jumper, and we’ve got a choice of vests to choose from.

Discover a full range of men’s white cricket clothing as well as women’s cricket whites, and shop discounted styles from popular cricket brands like Canterbury and Gray Nicholls now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cricket Whites

Are Cricket Whites White Or Cream? Cricket whites are typically white or off-white. They are designed to be crisp and clean, reflecting the traditional and professional nature of the sport. Some players may prefer a slightly creamier shade for their cricket white kit and, of course, over time and with frequent washing, cricket whites can start to appear more dull. The exact shade of cricket whites can vary depending on personal style and the amount of wear and tear they have endured.
How Do I Wash Cricket Whites? To wash cricket whites, start by pre-treating stubborn stains with a stain remover or a mixture of baking soda and water. Then, wash your kit in cold water with a gentle detergent. After washing, leave to dry in the sun as UV rays can help to naturally bleach and brighten white cricket clothing. If there are still lingering stains, you can repeat the pretreatment process before washing again. Ideally, you should avoid using a dryer as the heat can cause the fabric to shrink or turn yellow.
Why Is Cricket Clothing White? There are several reasons cricket clothing is white. Traditionally, white clothing has been associated with the sport since its early days. White cricket clothing was chosen because it was believed to be more suitable for hot and sunny conditions, when cricket is typically played. White also helped players stay cooler by reflecting sunlight and not absorbing heat. Lastly, cricket whites create a neutral and uniform appearance for players, making it easier for umpires and spectators to distinguish between teams.
Do You Have To Wear Cricket Whites? White cricket clothes are a time-honoured tradition but they are not always obligatory. In casual or recreational games, players might choose to wear more relaxed training clothing. For more formal or official matches, cricket whites are usually required as they help promote a sense of unity and professionalism. The choice is yours but cricket whites are a long-held standard in cricket that most players love to wear.
What Is Included In A Cricket White Kit? A cricket white kit generally includes a white cricket shirt, white cricket trousers and white cricket socks. You’ll also need white cricket shoes with spikes for traction on the field. Players might wear a cap or hat for sun protection, and some may choose to wear a cricket jumper in colder weather conditions. White cricket clothing is designed for comfort, protection, and performance for players during long matches.